Тренировки ОЛИМПИЙСКОГО ЧЕМПИОНА по ДЗЮДО | Fabio Basile Fantastic Training Highlights |チャンピオントレーニング

Fantastic training highlights of Fabio Basile (Olympic champion 2016 66 kg) He is Italian Beast with such an agressive style of training and judo. He works a lot with speed, power and agility, this man knows all about hard trainings. And now, watch the video!! Фабио Базиле, прекрасный спортсмен и триумфатор Олимпиады в Рио 2016 в весе 66 кг. Его тренировки отличаются функциональностью, скоростью, агрессией, как и сама борьба Фабио. Он отличный атлет и мотиватор. Track: CryJaxx - Ready To Die (feat. M.O.J.O \u0026 Benja) Music Provided by Magic Records Listen To The Original: Free Download: Judo more the sport. That the slogan of my channel and my life! Judo for the world, judo for the each people. My mission - make judo more popular in the world. Judo is amazing sport with all the traditions and spirit of warrior. In my channel you will find the highlights from all the judo events and judo player highlights. The special directions of my channel : - Judo Highlights about japan judo and japanese judokas - Promo videos about events - TOPs with the best montage Massive respect to International Judo Federaton ( all the videos i take from there. They have also youtube channel subscribe there. I really love theme, i love judo because i found myself in this business, i thanks to judo for that who a became. __________________________________________ All the video materials are from - - __________________________________________ Information about judokas - #日本柔道, #柔道, #martialarts, #JudoHeroes, #Judo2020, #JudoHighlights, #柔道の最高の瞬間


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